Friday, 22 February 2019
2010 Sutphen Shield Pumper (HS-4799) - 1500gpm/1000gal Engine 1712 is the newest addition to Hebron Fire Dept and one of the first Sutphen's in recent years in Northwest Indiana. E-1712's equipment include Genesis Extrication Tools, an MSA Thermal Imaging Camera, a 10K generator, and a hydraulic ladder rack. A 12-Volt Whelen Pioneer LED brow light on the cab allows the fire department to have tremendous visibilty at night while pumping from the front of the truck in the rural areas outside Hebron.
2000 International 4900/2001 KME Pumper (4739) -1250gpm/1000gal/24A Foam E-1711 is first out on all structure fire calls at HVFD and carries a Thermal Imaging Camera.
2013 Ford F150 - Fire Chief Command 1701 is the Chief's take-home vehicle and is manned 24/7.
2011 Ford F350/FD/Fire Service Inc/2010 Fast Attack - 200gpm/300gal skid
Ambulance 61
Medic 1757 is first-out on all medical calls and is certified BLS Non-transport.
2005 Ford F550/2006 Hackney (F09119) Light Rescue This apparatus was purchased from Wading River, Long Island, NY in 2016. It carries a full set of Genesis extrication tools, a light tower, an 8kw generator and a refrigerator for rehab.
2000 Freightliner FL-80/Mid-State Tank - 500gpm/3000gal This apparatus originally served the Porter Township CFD in Lake Eliza as Tanker 2340. It was purchased by Hebron in 2013. The pump on this rig is a 2000 Hoosier Fire that was off the former Hebron Tanker 1745 (which this tanker replaced). The pump was mounted on this unit by Fire Service Inc.
Tanker 1744 - 1996 International 4900/2001 Good Hope Fire Apparatus - 250gpm/2250gal

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